Control Panel


Control panels play a prominent role in today’s manufacturing environment. Being essential to automation and control systems, they need to handle several challenges, such as advances in control system technology and the manufacturing and design process evolution. In a rush to reduce time to market, these systems must be ordered, designed, and assembled in less time than ever.

Metaltech Engineers offers tailor-made automation solutions. We design, assemble and integrate

electrical and electronic controls for a wide range of manufacturing, civil, institutional, and commercial sectors. We take care of the design, manufacture, and production of certified control panels designed according to standards and making it possible to control your company’s automation processes. Our team of panelists designs panels of all types, formats, and complexities, adapted to the reality of your business.

Solutions that guarantee high performance and safety

Metaltech Engineers can help you design and implement control panels for machines, processes, shop floor, or fully integrated plant and office networks. With over 17 years of experience in the control panel market, we offer a comprehensive system for grouping, guiding, protecting, capping, and identifying cables and conductors in control panels. This includes the following:

Noise Mitigation: Physical barriers are created with shielding products, noise shields, and shielded patch cables to reduce noise return.

Space optimization: Reduce space in control panels by up to 30% with innovative wiring ducts.

Security: Provides visual warnings to enhance personnel safety with arc flash and security tags.

Ethernet / IP connectivity: Deploy across automation environments and link factory and office networks with high-performance copper and fiber optic connectivity.

Strict quality control of every control panel and console

Metaltech Engineers has several members dedicated to manufacturing control panels and more than one production line, which makes it possible to offer commercial and industrial electrical panels more quickly and at a very competitive cost.

For the manufacture of control panels, PLCs, junction boxes, or for the control of your machines, our assembly team is fully qualified in this field and can deliver quality products to you. Contact us!

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