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Looking for a unique quality hardening furnace?

If you are looking for a hardening furnace, you are in the right place. Metaltech is a well-established name on the market as the best Hardening Furnace manufacturers in india. We design hardening furnaces using high-quality raw materials purchased from well-known suppliers on the market. In addition, its equivalent performance and longevity are highly valued by our customers.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of hardening furnace

Hardening Furnace is mainly used in the heat treatment process, where the steel transforms into austenite and is kept at the proper temperature until it is rapidly quenched. The carbon content shown on the steel determines the magnitude of the required temperature. This process uses heat to increase the surface hardness of the material and, as a result, reduce the responsibility of the material. These ovens are used only for industrial purposes.

We offer a hardening furnace with a major selection of high quality known for strength, width, durability, performance, and low maintenance costs. Our team members are committed to providing our customers with original quality hardening furnaces while using the highest quality materials to extend the life of this furnace.

Why should you choose our hardening furnace?

Metaltech is a high-quality Hardening Furnace manufacturers, exporter, and supplier in India. Our hardening furnaces are manufactured using the highest quality materials and under strict quality control to ensure the production of durable products. It is used to heat steels and alloys to improve their mechanical properties and produce more solid products. Our industrial quenchers are in high demand in various industries due to their fast and efficient operation. Please contact us for bulk delivery of industrial hardening furnaces around the world.

Unique features of our hardening furnaces 

  • It is manufactured using high-quality materials according to international quality standards.
  • It is very durable in nature and well built.
  • Available in a variety of sizes and vacuum levels
  • The sturdy structure that can withstand continuous operation
  • Maintains low heat loss and low skin temperature due to excellent heat insulation and sealing by non-asbestos rope
  • Heating with electricity, oil, or gas
  • Uniform heating
  • Excellent PID numerical control and thermal control

To make the furnace housing sturdy, we use high-quality materials for industrial quality. As we are a leading supplier and exporter of Hardening Furnace, we can offer a full range of industrial furnaces with different specifications according to your needs.

Hardening Furnace Manufacturers in India

The hardening of steel is precisely that heat treatment that allows greater hardness to the steel; hardening is carried out on semi-finished steel products, finished products with stock, and on all those details subjected to mechanical stress. The hardening treatment of steel consists of the phases and characteristics of hardened steel.

What is the hardening treatment of steels?
One of the best-known and most common heat treatments is the hardening heat treatment performed on metal alloys, especially steels. From knife blades to castings, tubes, and forgings, hardening has the purpose of increasing the hardness of the steel, a characteristic associated with other important mechanical properties, such as the increase in tensile strength and the elasticity limit. On the other hand, resilience decreases but takes on a proportionally high value compared to the initial characteristics.

We as a Hardening Furnace Manufacturers in India maintains a thermodynamic state at room temperature, which characterizes metals at higher temperatures.

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